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Marcin Iwiński and Michał Kiciński - Think Different - its still extremely up to date

Dodano: 06 Listopad 10

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 We want to present to the audience a few examples showing that most companies and people
follow the general trends whether they like them or not. We will focus on the business/entrepreneurial side of things showing examples of over-complicated devices/products mass produced by corporations/companies, which just follow and copy the others. We will asking a question why this is so and why nobody has come up with a simpler/smarter/more accessible product/service.

Then we will move to our business experience and will present two examples where will try to explain why being different and going against the trend with a smart offering make sense and significantly increases the chance for market success.

1. The Witcher 1 PC -- in the era of consoles domination and Massive Multiplayer Games taking over the market, we decided to develop and publish a PC only single-player story driven RPG dedicated for more mature audience. The game was extremely successful and sold over 1.5M units world-wide and received over 100 awards. We will tell why we have decided to do this and why the game was so successful.

2. -- the only DRM-free digital distribution platform for games. DRM is a copy protection, which requires on-line authentication. Its hated by gamers, but still big corporations are racing each other who will have the strongest DRM. Funny enough nobody is really asking the question if it really works, while it does not work at all as games are cracked and pirated anyway. That's why we came up with an idea of a different platform offering older games without any protection at the same time being extremely simple and very user friendly.

The aim of our talk will be to open the eyes of the audience to look at what surrounds them from a different angle and ideally come up with their own, fresh business ideas.

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